Fighting 400

I Remember getting in the car....

It was the morning of my weight loss surgery, I had my wife by my side. It was early and we had started this day before the sun came up.  I could feel the crisp morning air, which seemed to helped calm the anxious feelings racing around in my head. What if something goes wrong? Am I making the right decision? Will this be the last time I see my wife? Did I tell my kids how much I loved them?

As we drove down the quiet highway my thoughts turned into self-examination trying to figure out how, when and why my weight got this out of control.  And like the head lights that filled the open road, I could only see so far into my life long path that lead me to being severely obese.  Arriving at the hospital and I sat in the car for a few moments, I had been waiting for this day since joining a bariatric surgery program 6 months prior but now reality was sinking in, I knew in that parking lot on the morning of June 14, 2015 life would never be the same and at that moment my wife’s voice broke the silence that surrounded us “are you ready?”

This is my VSG Journey



The picture on the left is me at my highest weight... tipping the scale at 400 POUNDS!. On the right is me 1 year post-op down 127 pounds feeling like a new person!